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Downloading these photo's are relatively simple. All the photo's are placed into folders and turned into a torrent file. The only set back is that your download will only be active whilst the 3 computers hosting the files are online. Fortunately, one of the three is online most of the time.

Step (1). You will need to download and torrent program, I use Utorrent but I'm sure you are able to Google for a program that best suits your needs. Oh, Utorrent is a FREE program.

Step (2). Click on the link that has the photo's and go open with. Choose Utorrent or your other torrent application and start the download.

It will take a some time to download via this way but your torrent client is resumable and if you set it to start every time that Windows, Linux, Mac, etc starts then they will be downloaded in no time at all.


.: Torrents

1. Our trip up North (2010)
2. Name and link
3. Name and link
4. Name and link

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