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Bernice and I (Clayton) met on a site called Find Someone and after a short while, I think it was only about 2 weeks, we met on a relatively cold and windy day at the New Brighton pier. Bernice had all three of her children in tow and I found her to be very quiet but a nice girl. At the time of meeting Bernice, I wasn't looking for anything other than friendship. The whole meeting involved a little stroll along the beach that lasted about 30 minutes and then we said goodbye to each other.

I thought that she seemed to be a decent person so I continued to call her every so often when I had the time to persuade her to join me for a coffee. I was extremely busy at the time because of my truck driving career and she was quite busy with the children and various other activities that she was involved in.

Finally, after almost a month of calls and texts Bernice and I both had time to catch up over a cuppa. We had a chance to start talking and slowly get to know each other as the people we were/are. I'm one of those people that guard my heart like a Queens Soldier and because of this, I'm sure many great and wonderful people have slipped through my fingers. Bernice seemed different in a lot of ways. The four foot steel wall around my heart melted away in no time and not only did I let her know some of my secrets and in general, let her probe into my heart but I also fell in love with her within an extremely short period of time. After the second meeting, it was probably around 4-6 weeks before we realized what we meant to each other. The rest is just a new life waiting to happen....

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